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Sarang Mahajan
Sushant is a calm thinker, a good observer and that makes him an immensely talented photographer. I have always believed that photography takes the understanding of a hundred things about your subject that are not in the frame and Sushant possesses the rare quality to see those and bring them in the picture. I have always enjoyed his pictures and also his selection of subjects. I am amazed to see the range of work he has done over the last few years, but not surprised as I had seen the potential years ago when he had recently started out. The journey has only just begun. Looking forward to more of this ongoing brilliancy. All the very best! :)
Amit Tandon
Did three photoshoots with Sushant. He really ensures that you are completely at ease and brings out the best in you. Have seen few people who put this kind of work in a single shoot.
Chef Ashay Dhopatkar
On seeing the results of my very first shoot with Sushant, I was totally convinced of his ability to capture the best expressions and portray them in an extremely valid context, from even the most camera shy person. I look forward to working with Sushant for various assignments in future!
Ankur Paliwal
It is rare that you find people who are as passionate as Sushant is about their work. His dedication is inspiring. I worked with Sushant on a health story in which he walked several several kilometers in the dark wee hours to reach the location while I slept in the hotel ! He wouldn't rest till he gets what he is looking for. It was a pleasure to work with him. I strongly recommend Sushant if you are looking for somebody who cares for images!
Om Thanvi
Sushant Sinha is an artist with camera.
Om Thanvi
Sushant Sinha is an extraordinary Artist with camera.